Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting the Phone Call from FAT

So for t a solid two months now, Meaghan and I have been waiting on the edge of our seats to find out if we were selected for this year's Alternative Fashion Week.
For three years Petey the Troll Apparel has been hoping and dreaming of being in this show, a show that many of our colleagues and friends like Ludo and Pig, Dilly Daisy, and UsThemWe, had been a part of in previous years.

The first time we applied, we did a photo shoot about 5 days before the deadline, threw together a press release and sent it in, only to find out we were mere hours too late. Very
frustrating, but we thought we'd try again next year.

The second time we applied, we had our photographs all set, 9 outfits made with one to go and an application we thought for sure would get us in. Everything was in on time and we anxiously awaited the call discussing details like models, set design, fittings and all of the
glamorous things we imagined would accompany such an event. Alas, an email appeared explaining that because we had only included nine photographs of potential items, and the list of entries was already too long, that we would be bumped off the list, and be forced to wait one more year.

This year we did it up. There was no way we weren't getting in this time - it was going to happen. We started putting together a new concept for a collection that would work together to report a message - wearable art - as opposed to our usual party dresses and snazzy jackets. A
new label perhaps! Not for profit! An arts organization!

The ideas continued to come and what developed was Petey Couture, an wearable art line of clothes that would project a theme, or idea with every item of clothing. This was something that we were (and are) quite proud of and we excitedly sent in our sparkling application to Alternative
Fashion Week for what we thought would be one last chance at success.

The morning of March 2, I missed a call on my phone and seeing that it was a (647) number, Meaghan looked it up quickly to see who it was - it was FAT. I immediately dialed my voicemail to hear the message that they had left, my hand shaking while I dialed the password.
We started jumping up and down, within moments I had texted all of my friends to tell them the good news.

So here we are! Just over six weeks until the show and we're very excited. My nerves are officially shot, but we hope that in April 2010, we'll
be able to impress Toronto and you, our followers with the wearable art that got us here.

See you then!!