Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Day of the Show

It's Saturday, April 24th and Meaghan and I are in Toronto shopping and preparing for tonight, the Petey Couture Toronto debut at Alternative Fashion week. I haven't been able to comprehend the real meaning of this yet... I'm afraid if i do it might be the death of my nerves.
Working in Toronto is not a new experience for me, I lived in this city last summer doing stylist work for some local photographers, but this is a first for Petey. It has sparked a string of creative projects we're planning for the interaction of Petey and Toronto in the future. For one, we're considering including a fashion installation on the streets for Nuit Blanche. Not to mention our on going dream of conducting a national tour for the promotion of arts and fashion as a means of self improvement and national improvement.
So wish us luck tonight! We've brought along our ever fabulous photographer, Justin Bondy of
WetFresco Photography and Kate Hargreaves, fashion journalist for the local Windsor paper, WAMM.
We'll see you back in Windsor on the 29th!