Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moving Along...

I just sat down here with this laptop to scribble out an update blog about Petey the Troll Apparel and my solo work as a costume maker/ wedding stylist / tortured, over-worked-under-paid seamstress.  When I logged into the blog site I use, it looked completely different than the last time I posted something.  New features, new design and the stats of all of my previous blog posts right there on the front page.  Genius.  So after I get over the initial "shit, it must have been a while since I posed anything if the entire interface is completely different" shock... and then take a look and the stats for my last post with this particular blog.  I was ashamed and sad to realize that my last post was almost two months ago. :( 
     I have several excuses, most of which have to do with work and searching endlessly for the perfect apartment to fit myself, my boyfriend, Meaghan, and our three unruly, yet lovable cats.  Not to mention an industrial sewing machine, a closet full of fabric and an unfortunate amount of shoes between the three of us sad fashion victims.  The search has not been easy and has admittedly taken up the majority of my time over the past few weeks.   
     Additionally, I've spent almost the entire summer working on dress commissions from a variety of clients (some absolutely delightful, others...not so much...) which I've found less than likable and have decided to stop doing altogether.  I have one remaining client to whom I promised bridesmaid dresses a while ago... so I'm doing this one last project, but will no longer be taking dress commissions hence forth, unless it is a personal favor for a friend or another exception as such. 
    What I've decided to do instead is look deeply into the study of the creation, construction and design of jackets and coats.  Over the next couple of months (among a plethora of fashion show review posts ;) I will start writing more often about the goings on with Petey the Troll Apparel as we crawl out of our woes and start working again.  Specifically, I'm going to start blogging about the history of some styles of jackets and coats as we know them today, and discuss my thoughts about jacket design in both mens and womensware in fashion.  I'm pretty excited. :)

So there it is, my apology and my update all in one go, hoping desperately that you'll still read what I have to say, 
Yours always, 

Vanessa Petey Hughes