Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Coats and Menswear – It's Working Time


It's MoMo-vember and it's beginning to get chilly underneath all of those horrid trucker moustaches here in Toronto. Costume season is over and the holidays are on their way and winter's mean-ice-pellets-to-face winds are causing the widespread need for people to layer up their clothing and find this year's winter coat to keep them warm and safe in the skyscraper-lined wind tunnels we call downtown.
Winter can sometimes be quite the interesting time for fashion, though, providing new challenges and opportunities to be both stylish and trendy, but also functional and warm at the same time. I can hear my father saying “What does it matter whatcha look like so long as you're prepared for the weather!” Oh, daddy.

I currently have two major projects underway both heading in a fantastic direction, but both being a lot of work ahead of me. The first is the wedding I may have mentioned in this blog before, the very last wedding I will be taking on for some time. She's been a client of mine for about 6 months now and she's consistently been an avid admirer of my work with Petey the Troll and Petey Couture, in such a flattering way that I hardly want to charge her at all. At this time we're still in the design stage of the four dresses (including the wedding gown, yes yes!) and I've been making sketches and technical sketches and searching for fabric swatches etc. The fact that this bride is so open to my ideas and allowing me to use my own creativity to produce her dresses will definitely produce a better result than previous work I've done under Petey Couture where the bridesmaids were weirdly specific about the styles, colours and fabrics I used in the construction. After all *ahem* I am an artist.
The second project is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and is something I've been working on getting going for months now: Petey the Troll Menswear Spring 2012. I'm expecting to be finished this February 2012 with the design, construction, photography and accessibility of this line. Part of my plan for the presentation of the line is an old school photo shoot like Meaghan and I used to do in the old days with WetFresco and yes, I'll be looking for models. (I've actually kind of been thinking about it for a while and have like half the guys picked for who I want involved in this project... it's not creepy, it's pro-active.

So now that the updates are out of the way, let's talk men's jackets. Of the previously mentioned collection, I've completed, thus far, only one jacket for a friend of mine. This particular friend is a lot of fun to dress, and we'd discussed elements of design on several occasions. He inspired my design for a grey, fitted wool blazer with a iridescent blue, brown and orange, paisley printed, polyester lining. The key elements of the jacket include front flap pockets, two bottons, with small detailing in black lace on the two front side seams of the garment. This was an idea brought to me by the friend in question, who challenged me to find a way to include lace on a man's jacket which would still be tasteful and not too feminine. He loved what I came up with and I decided that this would be the first piece in this new collection. The theme is new ideas and new beginnings.

I've just finished the details on the pattern for the next jacket in the collection: a pea coat for Josh, my favourite man in the whole world to dress. Black solid wool, cream, poly lining, with 8 front buttons, an oversized tailored collar, two princess seam insert pockets, epaulettes, and sleeve and mid back belts. It's really well fitted and he's skinny as hell, so it looks pretty much amazing. The buttons are small and brass and are not overstated. The secret comes when he undoes his jacket to reveal the glowing cream coloured interior with the inside breast pocket. It's fancy, and I'm pretty excited.

My challenge for myself with this collection is to create 6-10 jackets of different staple jacket and coat styles with my own variations and versions interjected throughout. Stay tuned to read more about the construction of this pea coat I am working on as the second piece for the final collection, as well as further information on the history of the pea coat and the remaining styles I will choose for the completion of the collection by this February, 2011.