Monday, September 20, 2010

Petey fans and interested fashion parties!

I got into Toronto yesterday and have spent my time scoping out the best spots to advertise and deciding which marketing methods I should use for the promotion of our upcoming fashion show next Sunday, September 26 at The Velvet Underground!!

I`ve had the privilege of crashing with a friend in the Bloor and Spadina area right in The Annex so naturally that`s where I hit first. I had sandwiches at Sky Blue Sky which was totally amazing and stopped in at Honest Ed`s to buy clear tape (I brought ducked tape. BIG mistake.)

After I finish this post I`m going over to Chinatown and then to make my way through the U of T campus.

I started putting up posters in strategic locations earlier today but I`m finding that despite the fact that there are THOUSANDS of posters all over everything, that Torontonians stare at you
like you`re committing an act of vandalism when you wrap clear tape around a street pole. Thus out I go under the cover of darkness in jeans and a sweat shirt as opposed to my perfectly put together skirt/blouse combo for day-wear.

Is it bad that I brought one suitcase entirely for accessories? Hmm.

Between meetings over the next two or three days I'm going to make time to hang out in Kensington Market, talking to local Clothing Collectives about (possibly?) selling our tickets for us and having some fliers in their stores. I might stop some people in the street in the Queen West area to spread the Petey word and maybe make some new friends!!

See you all at the show on Sunday or back in W-Town next week!