Friday, October 1, 2010

HARVESTING THE FAM, Womenswear Photoshoot and HALLOWEEN!!!

Petey People!!

Would you believe me if I told you October was going to be just as busy or MORE busy than September? It's hard to believe, I know. After last week's Toronto introduction to Petey the Troll Apparel, we've gotten right to work on our next three upcoming projects!

If you thought the womens line was good on stage in TDOT (photos coming soon beeteedub) wait
until you see in in pictures!! Early next week we're scheduling our LAST ever photoshoot here in Windsor-town and we're using all new models (except one or two fav's who are coming back for an ENCORE (see gorgeous model in above photograph - Charlie Brown!!)) We're having our staple business parters and great friends WetFresco Photography take the pictures of course, and why wouldn't we??? Aside from the fact that every other shoot we've done has featured their talented eyes, the work they produce for us and for others continues to get more impressive everytime I look at it. Take a look at this!!!

And that's them on like, an average, boring day. They seriously blow me away everytime. ~

Moving right along....
Anyone excited for Harvesting the FAM??? I know everyone in Windsor's art scene is. Their facebook page has like... 900 guests now? Yeah, we're Windsor, and we're ballin'.
This is one festival I'm seriously going to miss when we relocate. It's the brain child of the fabulous Murad Erzinclioglu and it's become a gathering of all Windsor artists for a massive interdisciplinary arts festival. If you live in Windsor and haven't checked this shit out yet, I suggest you get on it. You're missing out. ~

I'll have more on the FASHION SHOW at FAM this year next week!!~~

FINALLY, Halloween's a comin'!! Have a fabulous idea for a costume, but have little sewing ability AND want something really pimped out?? Give us a shout!! My list of commissions is getting long quick though so get your ideas in FAST!! I have a feeling I'll be working right up to Devil's night, so don't miss out on this once a year oppertunity to have something really unique made for you for Halloween!! :D

That's all for now! See you all at FAM Fest and keep an eye out for the new Petey the Troll Apparel WOMENS LINE FALL 2010!!! ~