Friday, November 5, 2010

Petey the Troll Apparel Fall 2010 Review

Hi Petey fans!!

I’m interrupting my eight part series Who Cares What Vanessa Petey Thinks, a commentary on my favourite collections from the recent 2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks. Today I’m going to talk about us – Petey the Troll Apparel, and our most recently released Fall 2010 Collection.

I think I can safely say for both Meaghan and I that this has been our favourite collection thus far in the history of our line. I’m judging this based on the fact that we didn’t seem to be able to stop making clothes. This collection features twenty-five individual pieces made into eighteen outfits, certainly the largest we’ve ever done...and if you include the men’s pieces, which we tend to show together on the runway, we’ve got a full fledged professional collection. And I’m so proud of it this time, I must say. Never before have we been so inspired by a concept as we were with this one, and never before have we been so pleased with the results. Not to mention that if I'm reviewing and judging my own work from the outside, I would say that this collection represents what Petey the Troll is really about.

The colour spectrum is wide and bright and we like it that way. I, personally, tend to choose really big prints like in the Black and White Printed Dress. I also like solid colours. I have always had a thing for purity. I like the original versions of songs and food without too much spice or sauce to cover up the true flavour. It’s the same with colour and fabric. I like pure, bright colours that you have to be bold to wear...and that’s how I like my buyers – bold. ;)

Do I dare to make judgements of Meaghan’s work? Sure, why not, obviously I think she’s talented if I chose to start a serious fashion line with her! Some of the trends in Meg’s are the use of little details and small prints (unlike myself). For example, the buttons on the Navy Winter Coat. She’s also got more of a sense for the classic where as I have a sense of the flash.

What’s funny about Petey the Troll Apparel is that Meaghan and I almost never discuss the collections in advance. We make our own sketches and do all of our own sewing before the other one even sees it. And what’s really awesome about that is then we can put one of her jackets with one of my dresses and somehow it looks fab. That’s why Petey the Troll works, in a nutshell: we never get in the way of each other’s creativity and the subtle competition of trying to outdo ourselves and each other forces our work to progress quickly.

Anyways I hope if you’re reading this it means you like our work. I want to invite people to send pictures of themselves dressed in Petey the Troll and I’ll totally post them to the blog and all over the inter-web.

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