Monday, October 25, 2010

Who cares what I think about fashion: A series introduction.

Today’s blog starts with a question: Does my opinion really matter when it comes to the fashion world? The answer is probably not...though maybe a few friends or Windsor admirers might come to my humble defence.

For the next eight weeks I’ll be doing a synopsis and review of eight of my favourite collections at the Spring 2011 fashion weeks all over the world. Agree or disagree, but I’ll give you my honest thoughts about the most interesting, up in coming and legendary garments being produced by the most talented designers in the world.

My credentials? For what reason should I be upheld as an authority on clothing?

When I was eleven years old I discovered fashion. I watched Fashion Television with my idol Jeanne Beker every day and drooled over the luxurious fabrics and dramatic presentations of unforgettable collections. Fall/Winter 2007 featuring Coco Rocha Irish dancing down the runway for Jean Paul Gautier actually had me crying. (I say that as if I don’t break into tears every time I see something beautiful on the runway.) I recall Tom Ford’s final show for Givenchy; walking out in his gorgeously tailored black tuxedo – a symbol of elegance and luxury in fashion. One show I remember particularly was an early John Galliano for Christian Dior collection featuring Egyptian motifs and skirts that just layered and layered and layered. Or when Stella was just getting started and was hailed for her accomplishments at the forefront of the French house Chloe...

I’m rambling...

As the iconic Carrie Bradshaw once stated, every season the women of the world leave the foolish choices of their pasts behind and look forward to the future. This is known as Fashion Week. When done well, there is nothing as moving and beautiful as a fashion show when it comes to artistic expression. Obviously I view clothing as art, not just a venue of utility. Clothing is everything. It’s the way we express ourselves as individuals. Even the person with the least imposing sense of style still chooses their clothing for one reason or another. Fashion is life. It represents the economic, social and cultural state of the world as we know it.

I might start tomorrow. Yes. I’ll start tomorrow with the first of eight solid reviews on the following collections:

Alexander McQueen


Talbot Runhof

Burberry Prorsum

Marc Jacobs


John Galliano

Vivienne Westwood

So stay tuned and see what I have to say about this stuff. I will not disappoint. ;)