Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life Changes and Fashion Evolution - Stories of Adapting to Toronto

Right now I have homework to do for Fashion School. I like calling it Fashion School, it sounds awesome. My homework is first, to glue images of a blocked out skirt pattern onto a thing called oaktag, followed by intricately cutting out all of the little details of the pattern. The second is a collage I must create on art board with Vogue Magazines in an effort to uniquely but effectively express the element of line and how it's used in clothing construction.

I just got home from a four day trip to Windsor. My official purpose there was to acquire the remaining Petey the Troll clothes from the store we sold them in, but I was also really excited to see my sister, my mom and my bf. The experience getting the clothes was less than desireable and it was raining the majority of the time. I did have some quality time with some very good people, but as a work fell far short of being beneficial.
Now I'm super tired and really just want to sleep, but instead I decide to post a blog in honour of the fact that Petey the Troll, Meaghan and I, finally have the internet at our apartment! :D :D :D
I'm so happy.

One thing I did in Windsor was go thrift store shopping. I may not have mentioned this before but I am a huge fan of the thrift store. I think thrift stores are the absolute most brilliant creation we've come up with in the fashion industry since leopard print spandex.
At a store like Value Village you can get some pretty high end clothes if you know how to look. I've got three pairs of Banana Republic pants that I got at Value Village for about 90% less than they would have cost in the store. Not to mention the fact that in the fashion industry, though we love it, there tends to be a lot of waste. People go through clothes quickly and throw them out, moving on to more clothes. If this wasn't the way the industry worked, we'd all be out of a job. So why not send those used and discarded clothes to a thrift store where someone else can buy and wear them? It's just such an amazing thing.

I actually visited a Value Village in Toronto for the first time last week. I got a gorgeous black and gray rayon sweater, a black high wasted straight skirt from H&M, and a pair of vintage front flap button up trousers (that are a little big, but I can take in ;) I was pretty happy to say the least. In Windsor, where you think the clothes would be of a lesser quality due to distance from the fashion world, but I was equally happy with me hall from the Windsor Value Village on Techumseh Road. I got three dresses - one navy blue with a little embroidered chest piece, one is a super soft chocolate brown v-neck knit shift dress that I love for its simplicity and the winner was a gray pleated cocktail dress from Guess that I totally fell in love with. I'm still quite happy.

To conclude, I'm going to get some coffee, put Forrest Gump on, wear my soft new brown knit dress and do my homework. Wish me luck!