Saturday, January 8, 2011

The First Week In: Petey in the City

This week has been psycho, but here we are, still alive, and ready to pick up the pace to 200%. Things are starting to fall into place. Meaghan and I are now proud employees of two local Starbucks’, which is an excellent response to the problem of “How are we gonna pay for food this month?” and also the supplier of delicious, life sustaining coffee at every available opportunity. We’ve discovered the best ways to get to school and work by using the Toronto Transit Commission and the commute isn’t even that bad. Things are coming together alright.

Meaghan and I have fallen into a state of almost complete focus on how we can use every aspect of our lives t further the reputation, quality and success of our little company. We still don’t have the internet, so social life hasn’t really begun at this point... but we’re preparing to push ourselves as hard as we can to make the opportunities happen. One of the good side effects of this devotion for me has been my sudden desire to become as healthy as possible. I’m using the logic that the more healthy I am, the more energy I’ll have, the more hours I’ll get out of the day, the more money I’ll make. Time is money, time is money. Time is money.

Did I mention we’re in Design School now? It’s pretty amazing, actually. Aside from the fact that some of the first semester courses are a little on the basic side, and are thus quite boring, the professors are very impressive. Each professor we’ve encountered thus far has either worked in the fashion industry in the past or continues to be very involved in it today. Our entire class, on a whole is a little on the older side. Most of us have had previous degrees or careers and are starting over with this program. We’ve got only one dude in the class and he’s this absolutely hilarious guy from Taiwan who has like eight degrees and certifications and is just trying out fashion design for fun. We’ve also got a couple of older lady- moms who are by far the coolest people in the class. I’ve been really impressed thus far with those aspects of the Academy and I seriously look forward to what these very awesome profs have to offer with these courses.

Wanna know our courses? It’s neat, there’s Introduction to Fashion, taught by a former buyer in the industry, which focuses on the business side of the fashion world as opposed to just the creative. Another is Textiles, which i’m sure I’m one of few who finds it insanely interesting, and is taught by a woman who designed and sold clothes for her own small fashion house in Toronto and nationwide – super cool. Then there’s Clothing Construction 1, which has an amazing instructor, but is slightly below my level of ability with sewing and is therefore a bit of a yawn. Tomorrow we’re having Pattern Drafting 1 and Elements of Design, which I don’t really know what that means, but i’m sure I’ll catch on quick enough. We’re going supply shopping this weekend down on Queen West and I’m super excited.

I’m planning a trip to Windsor for the weekend of the 22nd, the last weekend before I start work, so if anyone wants some clothes while I’m there, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Otherwise, I’ll keep you posted on our Design School adventures and what’s happening in the Toronto fashion industry over the next few wintery months of the season.

Happy Chinese New Year!