Monday, April 11, 2011

New Clothes For Spring

There are several other things I could be doing right now, but my interest writing has been much more pronounced since I graduated from University last April. ...Cause like, I'm in design school now, but we don't do much writing. It's a lot more actual work than theoretical work. :P I have a lot of friends who are graduating this year and are currently in the process of finishing up their semesters with the twelve page papers and the presentations and the horrifying exams.

I don't miss it. But before this turns into a "How I Gave Five Years and $20,000 to the University of Windsor for No Reason" rant, let's talk about happier things, yes?

Now that the weather is tolerable and we can all start wearing our good clothes again, all I can do is watch the people and their
fantastically unique sensibilities that can only be found in a city like Toronto.
They're the ones who are always perfectly dressed down to
the accessories with whatever style they're trying to pull off. They all have registered Starbucks cards and
Smartphones and are a generally hysterical and awesome city culture.

Like for example, the other day I was down town after work and was looking for fabric for a gown I'm making for a girl's prom. (First of all, I love an age when I can go to a
fabric store, photograph it with my phone, send it to the client and she can make her decision and tell me what to buy right there. This is fucking Jetsons shit now man.) And there was one of these
crazily painted streetcars for that radio station Flow 93.5... and I just kind of was really impressed that something with such obnoxious, yet beautiful colours could be floating down Queen, nobody looking twice. Toronto is gorgeous.

So I've got a really insane couple of weeks ahead of me, but I'm ready for it I think. I'm in good spirits and I've got LOTS of new clothes and it's awesome. Is there anything better in the world than buying new clothes in the spring?? Possibly buying new shoes in the spring... but that's really a whole other post.

Later :)