Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fabric, Petey the Troll and Wedding Dresses

It's been like FOREVER since I last blogged, I know. Between school and work and day to day life, (I have a new boyfriend, okay!!) it's been a very busy couple of weeks. ;)There are a bunch of things that I wanted to blog about when they were current information such as the Royal Wedding and continuation of the John Galliano saga with the announcement that he would no longer be the creative director of his own self titled line due to the unfortunate drama surrounding him since this past winter.

As for Meaghan and I and Petey the Troll, we regret to inform that due to our dramatically over-packed schedules, we haven't been able to move forward creatively for some time. We are
currently in a period of growth as designers and
stylists and when we finally do start working again on our own creations, you'll understand why it took so long to get there. Hold tight!
At the end of this month, my biggest and most important project yet will
be walking down the
runway...ahem...I mean the aisle at the wedding of my sweet friends Justin and Courtney ofWetFresco Photography (the photographers responsible for 90% of the Petey the Troll photoshoots.) For obvious reasons, I can't post photographs of the work in progress, but be
aware that after the wedding, I plan to post an album of pictures of this masterpiece
creation of mine.

Enjoy the random Toronto life pictures throughout this post and pull your dresses out of the suitcase - Spring is here.

Until next!