Sunday, May 15, 2011

Confessions of a Design School Student

Petey fans, friends, admirers etc,

This is a bit of a confession note/ a piece of writing inspired by my context and surrounded by
the current decisions I'm making in my life and more importantly, in my career. I felt like everyone should know, so here it is.

Firstly, when I write my blogs, they're directed (generally!) to people either living in Windsor,
my home town, or Toronto, my new home. In Windsor reside the people I miss, who have the most fantastic little art scene going on that no one else in the country knows anything about. These people are awesome, and it's for them that I started doing my work. In TO reside both my Windsor friends and my newest Toronto friends. These are by far some of the most interesting and unique people I've ever known and I count my blessings that they think I'm cool enough to be in
their beautiful lives. It's for all of the afore mentioned people and for those I have yet to meet
that I make these decisions today.

If you know me, you'd probably say I made the decision to move to Toronto so I could go to
Design School. That is indeed what it has seemed for the past 6+ months. But realistically, My choice was actually to go to Design School as an excuse and a reason to move to Toronto. I've been looking for one my whole life, that seemed perfect.
Now that I'm here I don't regret my decision for a second. My life has changed in ways I could never have imagined and I love every day. But I am beginning to feel those pesky feelings I felt throughout the entirety of my sad University career - that I was bored with it, that I wished I
was working on my own art and that the likelihood of it coming to nothing in the end was a depressing eventuality to face. Here I am again in a post-secondary education system feeling the same feelings and thinking the same thoughts and
wondering if the choice was best or not.
I miss working on Petey the Troll more than I can say. I try to work my creativity into some of our projects at school, but it can sometimes feel very lack lustre. Meaghan and I spend everyday during the week getting no sleep, rushing to get to work or school or anywhere all the time and
falling behind every step of the way. As for those fabulous friends I mentioned above, they are but a dream in my life, as I co
nsistently become a worse friend who is less reliable and more likely to blow them off due to my insane hectic schedule.
The question now has become, How important is Design School to the development of Petey the Troll Apparel and its future as a fashion design company? How do we get away from the thought
of becoming Joe Fresh and back to the thought of becoming Coco Chanel? And the biggest one of all is, Is it worth not having worked on Petey for almost 6 months and not seeing any time to work on it for the next year to finish a diploma that I'm not even sure will help get me anywhere I want to be?

Time will tell.
Until then,