Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing Dress-Up: Why Fashion Continues to be an Integral Part of Society and Life

In this industry, there are two types of people in the world: those who love fashion and those who don’t. We used to be lucky because we could spot the neglectful ones a mile away with their track pants and wolf shirts… but the recent influx of indie kids buying up the damn wolf shirts from the thrift stores has blurred the lines some. Fashion is in a constant state of change, growth and development, and inevitably there are those who get left behind. This is not a post for those people. This post is going to talk about why we love fashion so much, what it means in present day society and what makes us dress up every day and night before hitting the streets. It’s a fashion invasion!

Every body is a canvas when you love fashion. What dress, what hair, what accessories, what makeup to wear to finish the picture. Stylists spend their lives dressing other people according to the latest trends and to the image the wearer is trying to project with their clothing. The challenge for the stylist is not only making the individual look good, but adhering to a certain style, background and taste, all the while being dynamic and original with each choice made. Thus, when working in fashion, one must have the ability to understand the looks, key details and intended audience of every item of clothing they look at in an instant. A mistake by a stylist could cost them their jobs, in the case of celebrity styling and magazine work. In every day life, a fashion faux pas can often be forgotten in a few days, if the wearer follows it up with several other successful looks to make up for it. *sigh* I’m a slave.

It’s true though. We (still referring to those of us who live in this crazy fashion conscious world of joy) choose our outfits every day with the intention of creating a masterpiece. Every piece of jewelry is carefully selected, some items are tried on more than once and the pile of rejects continues to grow. And why do we do it? Because we know that whether some people like to admit it or not, clothing can define you. The outfit a person chooses to wear to an event will be what they are wearing when they are introduced to new people, when they are photographed and when they are remembered later. Shouldn’t they want that outfit to be just perfect? Of course they should.

The rules aren’t as strict as they used to be. Over the decades and indeed, centuries, fashion has gone through an incredible transformation, developing from one or two popular styles to the many completely different clothing choices at the consumer’s fingertips. Of course, as fashion has its impact on life, life also has a profound impact on fashion. As modesty restrictions based on gender began to disappear, fashion was refreshed, offering a whole world of new choices for women to wear.

With the current state of fashion and art as a whole in our society, we have to admit that the majority is based on nostalgia for original ideas that happened decades ago. I’m obviously referring to the fact that there is no real way to distinguish the 21st century as far as one particular style because the style is retro. In this age you can dress in a mini skirt and gogo boots, or in a layered fringe shift dress with fishnets and a garter. Fashion has become less about following a specific convention and more about finding something to fit your individual character. This is why I think fashion is the most liberating and inclusive art form there is, despite popular opinion. Everyone is encouraged to participate and the dialogue is consistently relevant and progressive.

Fashion is great!!

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Thanks guys! Until next!