Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello Toronto!!

To all Petey blog readers!!

Here we are in Toronto!!!

This has been a dream come true for me in the literal sense. Ever since I started university I’ve been looking at apartments, making plans and dreeeeeaming of the day when I could really do it. Finally, with Meaghan and I’s decision to go to Design School, it gave us the opportunity we needed to get out of Windsor (as much as I love and will miss it) and get onto bigger and better things. We’ve been here only one day thus far, but already the improvement in positive energy and motivation is proving that has indeed been all worth it.

The closest subway station to us is St. Clair West, a lovely little location on the edge of middle town, with an ice cream store on the corner and an occult shop across the street. We’re five minutes on foot from groceries, banks and transit, and I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks about two seconds from our apartment. (By the way, a chick just walked in with a totally fab gray pull over coat with epaulettes and a big floppy collar – awesome.)

I spent a summer here two years ago doing some freelance stylist work and got to know the city really well. It was summer so I walked everywhere and my lodging was right on the corner of Queen West and Bathurst, which if you know anything about Toronto, is pretty much the busiest, most insane part of the city, with the exception of Dundas Square...which is just a zoo. I grew to love it quickly though, seeing very clearly that this was a place where I could be successful and happy living in the fast paced, high energy environment Toronto is known for.

We’re taking this week off to get out apartment together and get prepared to begin school and work. But starting January 6th, 2011, we’ll be taking orders, doing alterations and getting back to it. Contact for any information you might need about Petey the Troll Apparel’s goings on in this great city, Toronto, Ontario.

Until then!