Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who Cares What Vanessa Petey Thinks: Talbot Runhof 2011 Collection

For this series, I’ve chosen some of the top designers in the industry to review as my favorites from the Spring 2011 Fashion Weeks. The collection I’ll be talking about in this post is not one of the best known, not from one of the fashion capitals of the world and not on the list of legends yet, but it is absolutely one of the best collections of the Spring 2011 Paris Fashion week where they showed this past September: Talbot Runhof. Johnny Talbot (American) and Adrian Runhof (German) are the designers at the helm of this unique line that boasts they make clothes for real women: clothes that do not wear the girl. This collection was inspired by Lucille Ball, the late 1950s elegant style that the image of her represents. One of the major trends of this season was the appearance of classic styles, patterns and silhouettes as opposed to modern shapes, and futuristic styling. No collection demonstrates the simple elegance of a beautifully designed Spring Collection than Talbot Runhof Spring 2011.

The show opens with a model in strappy shoes and bright red lipstick walking down th runway in a dress that resembles liquid chocolate draped generously over her body. The fabric isbrown chiffon and a flowing train of it hangs loosely from the waist of the asymmetric, curve hugging dress. Dress after dress, the luxurious, but fairly simple patterned fabric is wrapped snugly around the model in a feat of draping that only superior training could have prepared them for.

What is fabulous about this collection and I think the reason why I love it so much is that the clothes are all extremely wearable, but maintain an elegance and glamour that would make any girl feel like Marilyn Monroe. Do I want my curves accentuated by outrageously sexy flowing chiffon? Yes please.

They start to add more colour to the palet as the collection progresses. Details are added like tuxedo shirt buttons, black trim and floral designs. The evening wear follows with an extremely elegant floor length gown in lavender with tiny flower prints scattered about the dress. Immediately following is a little shiny body suit, perfect for a day on the beach in Los Angeles.

They finish up with more stunning evening wear. The tiny flower patterns of the earlier pieces in the collection have now grown to be oversized and exaggerated, contrasting beautifully with the final piece – the full length gold evening gown that will no doubt make red carpet appearances this award season.

Over all this collection was beautifully executed by two designers who definitely seem to have a grasp on what real women want to wear. They take the trends of the high fashion industry and bring them down to an accessible level that you don’t have to be a celebrity to reach. I can’t wait to see what these dudes come up with next year!

Until then!