Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thoughts on Working in Windsor's Fashion Industry

Sometimes I think I might talk about my job too much. I do this full time – this crazy fashion stuff, and it’s taken over my life. If, in order to have a design label all you had to do was make clothes, we’d be set. Other jobs included in the life of the owner of a small fashion label include:

Marketing Specialist: Absolutely any business requires marketing to be successful. Yes, it’s capitalist and heathen to make such a statement, but it’s a fact of our classist, money ruled lives. At Petey the Troll we’ve always designed our own posters and ads, we’ve also tried to use every venue the internet has to offer including Facebook and Twitter in addition to our Etsy store, our own website and of course this very blog you read today!

Personal Stylist: Believe it or not, Meaghan and I spend a lot of time on accessorizing. I know I spend a good amount of time in the morning looking in the mirror matching belts, scarves and jewellery to whatever outfit I happen to be wearing. We’re in fashion. Who are we as designers if we can’t even appropriately dress ourselves with style and class? Do we care too much about the way we look? I guess you could say that... but I’d rather see myself as a blank canvas. I like dressing up!

Financial Advisor: Taking care of the finances for any business is a huge job in itself. At first we just let the sales and revenues go unrecorded which we now find isn’t possible if we want to legitimize ourselves in any way. So now it’s saving receipts, keeping inventory and putting every dollar of Petey money we make back into the business. Is it easy? Absolutely nothing about it is easy!

The list goes on.....

October 8th, 2010 was the Fashion Show portion of the Harvesting the FAM Festival. I can’t express how amazing this event was and can’t thank the organizers enough for their work! I wish I was one of those people who carried a camera around (not that I really wish I was one of those people...) because last night it would have been useful!

It was wonderful to be surrounded by such influential and unique people in the community last night. The Windsor eccentrics were out, the musicians, djs and artists too. And the models, my goodness, they blow me away every time! What fantastic people to work with! It was really a great way for Petey to wrap up the season and move on to the next project.

Speaking of the next project...

We’ve just shot the Fall 2010 Collection and the photographs should be out in a week or two! During that time, we’ll be making Halloween costumes, mainly, and also working on expanding the number of personal clients we have. The number is growing everyday!

So before November when we start working on Petey Couture and our next submission for Toronto Alternative Fashion Week again, get your orders in and let us know what you’d like! Also stay tuned for some awesome colabs we’ve got on our plates in the next couple of months!

There’s nothing in the world I love more than dressing people up to look distinctive, stylish and beautiful.