Friday, February 25, 2011

La Moda Italiana – Highlights from Milan Fall 2011

It's Fashion week in Milan this week and today I'm going to discuss the glorious Gucci collection, the ever splendid Fendi furs and the geometrically based neutrals of Gianfranco Ferre. Bella!!

The very first thing I noticed about the Gucci collection this season (it happens to be their 90th anniversary this year) was the dynamic use of texture and colour. The opening outfits were all in a rich blue/green colour, something close to a dark cyan on cerulean. As the collection progressed, the colours became more widely ranged and brighter in nature. There were silks, furs, python and patent leather and a sea of other luxurious fabrics that Gucci, and indeed Italy as a whole has always been known for. The over-sized fedoras said nothing but classic Italian elegance. Can you imagine running into a woman on the street wearing these clothes?? Intimidation to the max. Colour and intriguing fabric use is always something of interest to me and usually makes or breaks a runway show for my favour. It may only be the first show of the week in Milan, but I’m already hooked.

Karl Lagerfeld is a designer who will go down in history as never having had a failed collection for any of the fashion houses he associates with in the history of his career. The Fendi show this season was of course, no exception. Largerfeld is known for his use of unique and not normally used furs with his Fendi line, and fur is a common theme throughout. There are also many flounced collars, (another favourite of Karl’s,) and the colour theme this season emanates prominently. By adding coloured tights to any model’s outfit, the stylist has now changed the entire look from simple a chic to young, vibrant and still chic and simple.

I remember when Gianfranco Ferre got into the industry a few years back. I watched him on fashion television and all anyone could say about him was that he would be the next big thing. He has always been known for his tendency to make a grand gesture with his clothing and this season, following the overriding trend of fashion week, his geometrically based, neutral pallet of designs was not exactly up to his usual standards, in my humble opinion. The collection was beautiful; don’t get me wrong, but the show as a whole lacked a certain grandeur that I’m perhaps used to with this particular designer.

This whole geometry thing that’s happening this season is really interesting. The tendency to use dropped waists and minimal curves coupled with a rainbow of vibrant colours and a sea of the most precious of animal skins is popping up everywhere. History shows that when fashion becomes simplistic in nature, it is usually a result of mass cultural change in the midst. Perhaps you would agree that this trend indeed fits the era in which we currently live. We’ll see if it continues in other collections for the remainder of fashion week! Check me out next time for my review of the Prada, Versace and the highly anticipated Dolce and Gabbana shows in the next few days.

Until then!