Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neo-Hippie-dom: The Fashion Rebellion You Can't Help But Love

They're a little bit hidden by the snow right now here in lovely Toronto, but they're there. we all see them on a day to day basis at the park, at the local organic food grocer, at the Kensington Market consignment shops. They're the neo-hippies, and they've taken over.

I love them personally. I see the chick with the braided hair carrying her baby in a sling wearing a full length tiered skirt and I say, yes ma'am, you've got it right. They aren't afraid of the great and powerful "INDUSTRY" and they've been wearing the same types of clothing for years and years. This is the opitomy of a trickle across effect occurring with a particular trend in fashion. There have always been and there always will be groups of people who believe the trees should be saved and eat vegan and would NEVER drive and they carry large paintings or awkward rulers on the streetcar (Okay. I may be known to carry large bags of clothing and awkward rulers on the streetcar... but I'm in fashion, so it's better... right?)

You can call them hippies, tree-huggers, flower children, bohemians or beatniks. Or perhaps you're more partial to the close social type cousin of the hippie, the hipster. Often these types are slightly more booky/arty than earthy/natural-y.
Remember those amazing Guess ads with the chicks in fur and the hippie garb? Nothing like a brown suede fur lined, leather trimmed fitted military jacket to really finish an oufit off. Not to mention the fabulous dresses and bags that came out of that hippie-chic inspiration.

So why has a trend like this lasted so long? Why are there still thousands of people who smoke lots of weed and wear maxi dresses and get dreadlocks and don't bath for long periods of time? Maybe they see the nostalgia of the 60s as something desirable and they try to imitate what they admire. Or further yet, maybe they are under the impression that what they're doing is actually original and unique and they are proud of their hippie-dom and pronounce it with their style. Either way, it has showed up on runways periodically and it will always be one of those trends that comes back around again and again.
Did you ever hear your mom say "Aw i shoulda kept those old jeans I had, you'da loved em Ness."
Perhaps not exactly like that, but close.