Thursday, February 10, 2011

When Life Gives you Lemons, Smash Them: The Next Step for Petey the Troll

Since we started at the Academy not more than 6 weeks ago, we knew nothing of the world we've been trying to break into for our four years in production as Petey the Troll Apparel. It was obvious to us, before our arrival in Toronto that it would be a bigger challenge to get noticed than it was in Windsor. But here we came, and here we are and now we've realized it's time to take matters into our own hands as opposed to relying on contests, traditional fashion weeks or anything of the like.

I started this blog months ago now with the intention of creating an outlet for my own creative frustrations, successes and assessments of the industry I so aspire to be a part of. It is also meant to display to our followers, clients and admirers every part of our process as we climb the fashion ladder. Your support is immeasurable to us and our further development as a label. Thank you!

So after much examination of the current direction in which Petey is heading, Meaghan and I have decided to change things around a bit for the benefit of the business. No, I'm not talking about sourcing to China or anything like that, I mean we're taking things in a different direction than we were before. I will not be able to go into detail here for obvious reasons, but I can give you an idea of some of the changes you'll see with Petey the Troll over the next few months.

Firstly you may have noticed that our Headquarters – www.peteythetrollapparel.comhas been down for some time now. We'll be replacing it soon with a new and better website, just as soon as we get our ducks in a row. We're aiming toward implementing an online store and somehow attaching this blog to that site etc etc....... computer talk bores me, sorry. Oh yes! The reason we're changing the site is to accommodate the new sparkly name of the company!

Yes! We're changing our name. Don't worry! It'll still include the Troll and the Petey, but it is going to be more directly related to our new business plan to become more of a speciality line than a broadly based line. Aka: we're going to stop making all kinds of different types of clothing and start focusing on one or two types. You'll see, I'm bad at explaining it.

We're also going to make an effort to use our Couture line as more of an artistically expressed collection for the purpose of either theatrical entertainment, or physical art to be displayed in a gallery setting. Meaning we're not going to display the Couture clothing in the traditional fashion runway style anymore. We're going to find new and BETTER ways of displaying our intricately designed and created gowns and wearable art.

Okay so that's the update, Petey is in a transitional period. Why have I explained all of this? Because I like my customers to know what's going on and to walk with us up the big scary fashion industry ladder, straight to the top.

Thank you for your continued support as always,